BRYT: Our Two Token System

T-BRYT (Transaction Token) - Stable price. Perfect liquidity.
I-BRYT (Investment Token) - Earn dividends. Trades on exchanges.

Revenue Sharing with I-BRYT Investors

Up to 20% of revenue distributed to token holders each month.

Proprietary Consensus Mechanism

Sub-second transaction times. Highly secure and decentralized.

Financial Guarantee

$1 per token distributed to investors upon a triggering event.


Our platform for transacting and investing in our global ecosystem


Global accessibility

Fast, secure and reliable payments

Low transaction costs

Get paid for holding I-BRYTs (Investment Tokens)

Stay up to date on UbiquiCorp and BRYT

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The Future of Money is BRYT

Currently, 2 billion people globally lack access to high quality, affordable financial services

BRYT's first target market is $500 billion of annual remittance in the Middle East and surrounding regions

BRYT will offer faster transfers, better security, reasonable fees, and KYC/AML compliance

Our Ecosystem: Two Tokens, One Solution

UbiquiCorp will dramatically reduce the friction costs associated with investment and commerce, and also has the potential to provide significant, uncapped, recurring income for all who participate.

Coin Holders


(Investment Token)


(Transaction Token)

Phase 1




Phase 1



Debit Card



Up to 20% of revenue shared with I-BRYT holders

Our Ecosystem
Phase 1

Person to person transfers

I-BRYT tokens listed on public exchanges

Phase 2

Consumer Transactions

Debit cards accepted globally

Phase 3

Over 73,000 investment options

Micro and Macro loans

Healthcare and educational savings

Charitable contributions

How You Can Participate

T-BRYT (Transaction Token)

Makes financial transactions faster, cheaper, easier, and more secure

True price stability, pegged to the USD

Fully backed by cash and cash equivalents

Sub second transaction times

Highly secure and decentralized

KYC/AML compliance

Proprietary consensus mechanism, patent pending

No mining required

Significantly "greener" due to our low processing power requirement

Low transaction fees

I-BRYT (Investment Token)

Participate in the value generated by our ecosystem

Share in up to 20% of revenue

Fixed numbers of I-BRYT tokens

Backed by a financial guarantee of $1.00 per token through December 31, 2019

Will trade on exchanges under the BRYT ticker

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I-BRYT Token

$1.00 Per Token Financial Guarantee

  • Financial Guarantee

    I-BRYT investors will receive $1.00 per token if a Triggering Event occurs before December 31, 2019. The first $50 million of the guarantee is provided by Schneider Securities, a licensed and regulated third party financial institution. UbiquiCorp will guarantee amounts above $50 million by depositing funds into a trust account.

  • About the Guarantor

    Schneider Securities Ltd was formed in Switzerland in 1991 with a history dating back to 1119. Schneider is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales and operates under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority, the International Chamber of Commerce, the European Banking Authority, and the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. Globally, Schneider manages assets in excess of $500 million.

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